Blames Drita? OMG..Let me live...lmao #WTF

Can you believe I woke up to this sh$t? First of all, I truly feel sorry for this thirsty, lonely, delusional old woman. It's funny how I recently posted that I will be back on your TV screens, preparing to film another show and created and exec producing my show and this just so happen's to happen???

I wouldn't be surprised if this Has-Been did this to her own car so she can be back in the spotlight and once again use my name to do so.

I'm a mom...running a successful business @ladybossbyDrita and don't have time for this nonsense. It's sad that I have focused on moving in a positive direction but negative people still trying to bring me down.

This "BULL"....SHIT ARTIST needs to get a hobby or a job instead of running out of the ocean thinking she's Gisele Bündchen. Mob Wives ended over a year ago. If she's still is not over the drama...then I feel very sorry for her. MOVE ON girl....move on.

I would not waste my time on that #MobSlob or a good can of paint for that matter.

"Vandalism is not my style..punching lying dumb bitches in the face is". Drita

#DritaDavanzo #KarenGravano #MobWives #LadyBoss #Vandalism #Tmz #Naomicampbell #Assault #Car #Paint #GiselleBundchen #Drita #Vh1 #HipHopSquares #Arrestphoto

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