New Year's Eve Makeup

Happy New Year Everyone!! I had an overwhelming response to my New Years Eve makeup!! I promised to start blogging certain looks that you favor!! So here it is! Enjoy!

It seems everyone has a certain look they would like to achieve when it comes to special occasions like NYE! Glitter and shimmer seem to be the most popular look BUT I decided to go with a soft glow! Below is some tips on how to achieve this look and what products to use!

Im not sure what kind of skin care you use but make sure you are using the right products! I use the Peptide Skin Care line!! Papaya Cleanser, Papaya Toner along with Peptide Serum and Peptide Moisturizer! Yes it's a process but only takes a couple of seconds and without your skin care regime don't bother looking for foundation! Take care of your skin first (thats most important).

Foundation: I brushed Baked Hydrating Powder on before I applied my Mineral Sheer Tint Foundation!

Baked Hydrating Powder can be used alone as a foundation. It will NEVER CAKE UP! You can reapply it all day and it will look as if you just applied it for the first time. It's the most amazing foudation powder on the planet!!! Im not kidding! However I love a nice glow so I brush on Mineral Sheer Tint on top of the powder (it's a cool trick for those that want more coverage and want there skin to look like butta....).

Baked Finishing Powder: Satin Glow (In the photo below). This is the best product for those that want to achieve a glow (NOT SHIMMER) to your cheekbones! This will leave your skin with a beautfiul gleam. No matter what you skin tone may be this can be used on everyone. You can even use this on your lids, highlight your cheekbones and sweep across your face for a no makeup look but a JLo glow effect. It's incredible.

Eyes: We have the most incredible shadows available (Paraben Free,Fragrance Free) and they are filled with pigment! I use my go to everyday magnetic palette (Nude Matte Palette). I applied the neutral colors first than applied the chocolate browns on the ends of my lids. Then to add some drama I added my shimmer shadow (Bronx Bomber) to my lids where I applied the dark chocolate shadows. It gives a shimmer brown look to my eyes which I love! Black can be dramatic and loud so if you are in the mood for drama but a bit on a softer note then apply browns for your smokey eye!

Amazing Luxury Mascara: I use waterproof mascara because I have heavy lids (my mascara ends up everywhere). This mascara has a curved brush that gives length,volume and a curling effect to your lashes. It's my persnal favorite but not our top seller! Our Volume Mascara is a customer favorite and still number one! My mascara's are paraben free...Kosher and fragrance free! They are the only thing you should use on your lashes! Even if you don't purchase Lady Boss products make sure you purchase all Paraben free cosmetics!!! Be aware of what you are putting on your face!!!

Lips: Waterproof Gel Lipliner S'More

The perfect match to my lipstick and gloss! There is nothing better than having someone shop for you and match your products! That's exactly what I do! Check out all my favorite lip combos on You will love it! There is Duo's and Trio's in every shade possible! Browns...Reds...Pinks...Nudes...Corals and more.

I applied my gel lipliner to most of my lip (half the lip) don't fill the whole lip!! This lipliner is waterproof so it can make your lips look funky where they get wet! This lipliner will hold your lipsitck up to 6 or 7 hours! It's incredible and now the only lipliner I use!

After filling in half my lip I applied my Modern Matte Lipstick "Lovely" all over my lips!! My matte lipsticks are worn in over 10 countries for good reason! They will not leave your lips looking dry and cracked! They stay on forever! I promise you will love them!

Gloss: Last but not least I dabbed Amazing Gloss "Beverly Hills" on top of this duo for a sexy moist looking lip that will stay! This gloss smells GREAT and has tons of pigment!! You buy will buy the whole line eventually! It's that great. One last thing...when you purchase combo's on my site (you save time and money)!! Make sure to follow us on Instagram,Twitter and Facebook! Show us your pics and we will repost them!!

All my products are made in the US! Paraben Free and Fragrance Free! We ship worldwide! Feel free to call our customer service team of proffessional makeup artists for help choosing the right color and product. Click on store info! Have fun shopping! xoxoxo Drita

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